Plant Care Guide

happy plant

Hi there! Thank you for taking care of our flat's jungle!
Here's a small guide on what they usually need.

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Indoor plants

How often to water

Every 2-3 days, e.g. Monday, Wednesday, Friday

How to measure water

Use this cup:

IMG20240608135208 Medium.jpeg|300

Meet the parents plants


ℹī¸ Bio: If she looks evil, it's because she had to live with tiny flies in her roots for the entire winter.
💧 Water: 1/2 cup

IMG20240608134712 Medium.jpeg|400

The Chonkers

ℹī¸ Bio: These used to be small, now they need to start paying rent.
💧 Water: 1 cup

IMG20240608134841 Medium.jpeg|400

The Trio

ℹī¸ Bio: One is a beauty. The others are chew toys, somehow insisting on clinging to life.
💧 Water: 1 cup shared between all of them

IMG20240608134848 Medium.jpeg
IMG20240608134905 Medium.jpeg IMG20240608134853 Medium.jpeg

Outdoor Plants

How often to water

Depending on the weather.
If it's really hot and sunny they may need watering every evening.
Especially the 🍋 lemon tree, cause it likes to be extra.

How to measure water

Use this bad boy:

IMG20240608135130 Medium.jpeg

Meet the fockers plants

The Trees

ℹī¸ Bio: the reason why we can't invite people to sit outside.
💧 Water: 1 watering can split between the 3 of them
IMG20240608134931 Large.jpeg
IMG20240608134912 Medium.png

The rest

ℹī¸ Bio: anything else intentionally or unintentionally growing on our balcony
💧 Water: 1 watering can split between all

Foraging Encouraged ❤ī¸

Please eat anything that grows ripe enough (tomatoes, strawberries...). It's a shame to let them go to waste.