Manage S3 bucket with Cyberduck 🦆

Part of: Hosting assets on S3 + Cloudfront

Manage S3 "files" (objects) using Cyberduck.
There's quite a bit of documentation, but there are suggestions I didn't like (e.g. user with full S3 permissions), and some parts that didn't work (e.g. bucket name in the server url).

Here's what did work for me:

  1. Setup an IAM user to manage an S3 bucket
  2. Set up an S3 (HTTPS) bookmark in Cyberduck:
    1. Provide the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.
      PS: if you forgot to write these down, you can recreate them.
    2. Set Server to
    3. Set More Options -> Path to the name of your bucket, e.g. /
  3. That's it 🍰