Cat Care Guide

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The monsters: Pinello & Milo

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☀️ Morning: 1 sachet of wet food each
🌙 Evening: 1/2 sachet of wet food each + dry food

You can use the measuring cup for dry food.
Milo is a big boy, so it's ok if he eats a bit more than Pinello in the evening.




🤢 Stench-prevention tips

To avoid things getting super stinky in the summer,


Feel free to give them some snacks, especially after play. We store these in the cupboard.

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There are 2 pretty big toilets, so cleaning them once a day is ok.

Litter bin

Don't worry if you've not used one of these before, they're really easy to use.

Vacuum cleaner

Found behind the bathroom door.



Milo's leg

A moth made the unfortunate decision to fly into our flat one night at 3am.
Milo, attempting to eat the intruder, cut his hind right leg.
This should heal just fine, but here's a pic of how it was before we left for reference, in case there is some complication.


You can find toys all over the flat, and the bigger ones in storage.

Pinello vs Plastic

Pinello is sometimes fussy with his food. But if you leave anything like a plastic bag or nylon string or worm-like toys around, he will try to swallow them. So best to put these toys back in storage.

Milo vs Headbands

His favourite thing. Thankfully Pinello won't eat those.


👩‍⚕️ Non-emergencies/regular hours
Tierpraxis Sarah Watson
Open except Sunday, but limited hours.
tel. 030 625 72 09
Altenbraker Str. 29/Ecke Emser Str., 12051 (Neukölln)

🚨 Extended hours:
Open daily 08:00-00:00
tel. 030 854 20 50
Kufsteiner Straße, 10825 (Schöneberg)
In the unlikely case, Taxi is probably the fastest way to get there.