Transaction tests in Pytest

If you are coming from Django, you may have come across the slightly unfortunately named TransactionTestCase. While the most commonly used TestCase cleans up after each test by rolling back »

"Magic" Model Pytest fixtures

When building and testing Django applications we find ourselves importing models fairly frequently. from third_party.models import UsefulModel from my_project.my_app.models import SomeModel from my_project. »

GDPR on top of Django's model Collector

In the rise of GDPR many organisations have started implementing more and more features to deal with "housekeeping" of user data, compliance with new data processing/retention policies and explicit »

Django ORM - Order of query evaluation

When working with an ORM it is often easy to forget that whatever you write is ultimately translated to SQL queries. Consider this script: bookings = task.contractor.bookings.all() task. »

Request logging in Opbeat

Opbeat is undeniably awesome. It logs all the things, it provides useful traces, and it often let's you know things are broken before your users even start suspecting anything. When »