A week with a BBC micro:bit

A post about my tinkering with a BBC micro:bit over Xmas 2015.

Meet Mei-Xiu

Sent to me by its previous host, Stewart Watkiss :)
Haven't flashed the device yet so it looks like the robot controlling hex is still loaded.

What is this all about?

More from Mei-Xiu

Environment setup

Started using upyed and Tom Viner's very convenient upyflashed. The tool was exiting with a trace in the event of no hex files being available, so I opened a PR to make this a bit better.

EDIT: Turns out my "fix" was skipping the sleep step which caused the loop cycles to be a bit too fast. Good thing Tom caught that ;)

The Micro:bit gets a warm Christmas welcome by some of the other flashing LEDs in our house.


See the individual posts for each project I made over the holidays:

You can find the original stream here.

Bye Mei-Xiu!

I'm packing Mei-Xiu today to send to its next host, Päivi Suomela. I'm really looking forward to seeing her next adventures :)

Follow the rest of her trip on the microworld tour website!